Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wine Appreciation @ Esmirada

Wine Appreciation @ Esmirada was the first of our Lifestyle Series and was held on Saturday, 29th July for Talentpreneur Hub members. Around 20 members and guests attended this maiden event, each eager to receive tips on how to better appreciate wine.

Fellow member Soo Hoo is an experienced wine connoisseur and has hosted
numerous wine tasting and wine appreciation classes, he and his team from Hermitage Wines kicked start the Wine Appreciation Class with an introduction of various wines and its origins.

Talentpreneur Hub members learnt about the basics of wine tasting and were intrigued by the difference between red wines and white wines, the quality of wines, grapes, taste, facts and other useful tips in wine tasting.

The Esmirada Wine Bar was the perfect location to host such a class. Cosy, with dim lights and excellent service, one might easily forget they are there to attend wine appreciation class.

Members all agreed that the delicious food, coupled with good wine and a relaxing
ambience went a long way to ensure that everyone had a good time learning and interacting with each other.

Talentpreneur Hub would like to once again extend a big thank you to Hermitage Wines, Esmirada and all members and guests who helped made this event a great success!


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